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It was in 1898 that the Society of Friends of Krak├│w History and Heritage first published its "Krakow Yearbook" ÔÇô a body dedicated to the cityÔÇÖs cultural history, a publishing house dealing with the entire history of Krakow, its institutions and monuments. The editor of the first ever volume of the Krakow Yearbook was Stanis┼éaw Krzy┼╝anowski, a man who tirelessly encouraged KrakowÔÇÖs historians to contribute dissertations and articles.

That inaugural volume featured dissertations by, among others, Franciszek Piekosi┼äski on the gothic hall of the Hetman's House, W┼éadys┼éaw ┼üuszczkiewicz on KrakowÔÇÖs old cemeteries, Stanis┼éaw Kutrzeba on the topic of beer in Krakow, Leonard Lepszy on the cityÔÇÖs Goldsmith Guild and Stanis┼éaw Wyspia┼äski on the former polychromy of the Church of Holy Cross.

The dissertations that have featured in the "Yearbook" have covered a wide variety of themes in the history and life of Krakow. Much has been written about the cityÔÇÖs past and historical events, including the history of the Church. These texts have described various types of architectural monuments from different eras and representing different styles, all based on source materials.

Many articles have dealt with Wawel and the Jagiellonian University. Others have described, among other things, the history of crafts, industry and technology, trade and guild organizations, KrakowÔÇÖs townspeople and families, as well as the cityÔÇÖs political and cultural life. A few articles have described the topography of ancient Krakow, its heraldry and urban sigillography. Others have focused on the history of art in Krakow (its painting, sculpture, crafts, theatre and music), as well as the cityÔÇÖs customs and traditions. Yet others have described and analysed archaeology, urban planning, and the protection and conservation of monuments. Some have focused on the history of particular city districts. Articles have also focused on well-known Krakow figures, discussed Krakow guidebooks and presented a bibliography of the city.

The authors of these contributions have included renowned historians, historians of art, archeologists and researchers. We cannot name all of them. We need only mentioned the following: Franciszek Piekosi┼äski, W┼éadys┼éaw ┼üuszczkiewicz, Jan Sas Zubrzycki, J├│zef Muczkowski, Feliks Koper, Franciszek Klein, W┼éadys┼éaw Tomkowicz, Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz, Stanis┼éaw Kutrzeba, Jan Pta┼Ťnik, Leonard Lepszy, Stanis┼éaw Krzy┼╝anowski, J├│zef Wawel Louis, Edmund D┼éugopolski, Leon Rymar, Karol Potka┼äski, Klemens B─ůkowski, Adam Chmiel, Karol Estreicher, Julian Pagaczewski, Mieczys┼éaw Skrudlik, Stanis┼éaw Zachorski, Kazimiera Furmankiewicz├│wna, Franciszek Gawe┼éek, Jan Ma┼éecki, Jacek Purchla, Waldemar Komorowski, Adam Ma┼ékiewicz, Andrzej Fischinger, Jerzy Banach, Bo┼╝ena Wyrozumska, Jerzy Wyrozumski, Andrzej Pelczar, Julian Dybec, Danuta Rederowa, Maria Polaczk├│wna, Andrzej ┼╗aki, Ryszard Kotewicz, Janina Bieniarz├│wna, Adam Przybo┼Ť, Marian Plezia, Zdzis┼éaw ┼╗ygulski, Maria Koc├│jowa, Franciszek Ziejka, Wies┼éaw Bie┼äkowski, Janusz Bogdanowski, Krystyna Pieradzka, Bogus┼éaw Krasnowolski.

A total of 85 volumes of the "Krakow Yearbook" appeared between 1898 and 2019. They contained almost 900 dissertations and articles, numerous obituaries of outstanding members of the Society, as well as annual reports on the Society's activities.

In 2012, the Krakow Yearbook was included on the official list of scholarly journals maintained by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Part B, No. 1285, 1 point awarded). In 2013, the Krakow Yearbook was awarded 3 points (Part B, No. 1915), which was also confirmed in 2014 (Part B, No. 1889). In 2015, the Krakow Yearbook was awarded 8 points (part B, No. 1537). In 2021, the Krakow Yearbook was awarded 20 points.

"Krakow Yearbook" is included on the official list of scholarly journals and has 20 points.

"Krakow Yearbook" has ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): 0080-3499

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