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   Rules for preparing texts

The editors of the Krakow Yearbook attach great importance to the notion that published texts must meet the highest editorial standards. We believe that the authors of publications should present the results of their work in a reliable and honest manner and should provide information about any possible collaborators who contributed to their work. Hence, authors posting texts in the Yearbook will be asked to sign a statement regarding possible collaborators (for more information refer to the home page of Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

Rules for preparing texts (is valid from 24/02/2018).

The editors reserve the right to return to the author any text that does not comply with the rules specified below, and request that the author supplement the text and re-edit it. The editors also reserve the right to make formal changes to texts in accordance with editorial rules and so as to ensure standardization of entries in published texts.

Author: (MF) BMS Creative 2012